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Concrete Range Hood Takes on Kitchen Style

Kitchen range hood that blends naturally into the kitchen of light colored granite.

Like any good business owner, Kelly Carr of Concrete Jungle, Frederick, Md., is always on the lookout for new ways to serve his customers. So when Carr got wind of manufacturers selling the "guts" of range hoods for making custom cabinetry, he saw a prime opportunity. Kitchen countertops being the core of his business, range hoods made from custom concrete were a logical next step.

Concrete hoods are an easy sell for customers who are already buying countertops, but this hood - Concrete Jungle’s first - was purchased by a homeowner with a kitchen in mid-renovation who had already committed to granite countertops. When she came into the Concrete Jungle studio, she immediately regretted not choosing the company to do her countertops - which is when they suggested creating a concrete range hood.

In place of a cold stainless-steel hood, Carr crafted a warm, organic element, integrally colored with pigments from B&J Colorants that preserved the style and tone of the rest of the kitchen. Working with the kitchen designer to ensure the wall could bear the weight, Concrete Jungle had a local steel fabricator come up with a custom support frame for the hood, giving it a free-floating look. To get a thinner, lighter piece, Concrete Jungle used Buddy Rhodes’ signature concrete mix for the range hood.

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