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Tape Measures Deliver Standout

Milwaukee Tool has taken tape measures to the next level with the introduction of its redesigned Stud Tape Measures, new Wide Blade Tape Measures and new Compact Tape Measures. These new tapes with enhanced durability will deliver best-in-class blade standout, reaching up to 14 feet.

Stud – Equipped with custom internal gearing, the new generation of Stud Tape Measures uses a smaller spring to reduce size and allow for a more compact, comfortable and ergonomic fit in your hand. This new design allows for an optimized spring to control blade retraction speed, minimizing whip.

The Stud’s blade, which is printed on both sides, is wrapped entirely with a high-density nylon coating to prolong its use. It also has a fully reinforced frame that can survive an 80-foot drop. These tape measures are now offered in more sizes, including a 25-foot magnetic option.

Wide Blade – The new Wide Blade Tape Measures have the longest, straightest standout for extended reach and efficiency. With two-sided blade printing for increased readability, they allow users to easily measure long distances on their own. The Wide Blade Tape Measures have 16- and 25-foot magnetic options.

Compact – The new Compact Wide Blade Tape Measures are a best-in-class compact size and deliver up to 12 feet of standout. They are also available in magnetic models that feature a finger stop.
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