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Introducing the new Depth Control System by Smith Surface Preparation Solutions

“On-the-Fly” Depth Control
The days of manually adjusting cutter depth are over. SMITH’s new electronic depth control system raises and lowers your cutter with the push of a button.


Eliminate Measuring and Guesswork

  • Adjust cut depth in 0.01 inch increments
  • Easily align with ever-changing terrain
  • Consistent cut depth for inlay applications
  • Eliminate damage due to dropped drums

Ultimate Control and Flexibility

  • Easy adjustment via control panel and handlebar controls
  • Set zero point where cutter meets surface
  • Displays active depth from zero point
  • English and metric adjustments

Durable, Maintenance-Free Design

  • Aluminum control enclosure holds up to harsh job site environments
  • All electronic components are 100% encapsulated to protect against vibration and weather
  • Linear actuator enclosed in sealed case to resist water, dust, and debris


´╗┐The SPS10 is a high-output drum-style scarifier ideal for surface preparation on a wide variety of surfaces including asphalt, concrete, and steel. This all-purpose scarifier has a maximum cut width of 10 inches and can be paired with a wide assortment of cutters and accessories to remove markings, level uneven surfaces, and groove for inlay.


The LNX8 is the ideal choice for when you need to remove lines without the grooving pattern or ghostlines typically associated with drum-style scarifiers. The rotary action of this scarifier hovers over the surface, breaking the coating while simultaneously scraping across it, leaving a smooth, beveled edge without grooves or undulations.