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Polishing Up On Polishing Equipment

Our editors compiled a list of some of the newest polishers on the market. This article goes in depth on each of them.Our editors compiled a list of some of the newest polishers on the market. This article goes in depth on each of them.

How Densifiers Help with Concrete Maintenance

The use of diamond pads to get out of a jam or cut corners is often money- or time-motivated.In the 1990s, when concrete polishing took off in the United States, silicate hardener/densifiers were rarely used. Now, a concrete floor is not considered properly polished if densifier has not been applied to rejection.

Tips for Polishing Preexisting Concrete Floors Profitably

Tips for polishing concrete and how to be profitable.If I were a contractor I would take “preexisting” projects over new projects every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Compete for Work, But Do It Respectfully

Football players practicing in the sunset.One of the major issues that I have noticed in the decorative concrete industry is that most contractors in our business do not seem to have any respect for each other. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part this statement is true across the board.

Color Repairs Explained in Black and White

shiny brown polished floorOver the last few months I’ve had multiple projects with issues related to color. I feel it will benefit Concrete Decorreaders to understand the process for corrections as well as some simple tips and tricks for achieving desired results.

Make Tooling Choices Easier with the Mohs Hardness Test Kit

To eliminate the guesswork associated with which diamond abrasive bond tool will best polish or abrade a particular concrete slab, contractors could consider adding a Mohs hardness test kit to their toolbox.To eliminate the guesswork associated with which diamond abrasive bond tool will best polish or abrade a particular concrete slab, contractors could consider adding a Mohs hardness test kit to their toolbox.

The Allure and the Reality of Polishing Concrete

A peacock strutting his stuffIt has become pretty clear that polished concrete is the hot market in decorative concrete right now. There was no shortage of equipment and chemical manufacturers touting the latest and greatest at the show, with each making a case for why their system was the best option on the market.

How this Company Fixed a Paste Cap Separating from Concrete

polished concrete floor with craze crackingIt was not your best-case scenario. A new Army/Air Force main exchange, an indoor mall with multiple vendors and a food court, was slated to open at Fort George G. Meade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in six weeks. The floor had been ground and polished, the racks staged and the food vendors’ equipment installed.

The Ins and Outs of Concrete Floor Grinders

CS Unitec Inc. -- EBS 180 Floor GrinderThe ins and outs of floor grinders on the market today.

The Power of Diamond Grit

Polished concrete in an Atlanta, Georgia, building was the most efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.One of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America has recently moved its product development to a 132,000-square-foot building in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company chose polished concrete as the most cost-efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.

Measuring Gloss on Polished Concrete the CSDA ST-115 Standard

Amazing shine off of a high gloss polished concrete floor in a Japanese restaurant in Las VegasA gloss meter measures how light is scattered, but an angle, ambient lighting, or even a high-gloss coating can impact the number. A DOI meter addresses this problem by “seeing” through a coating to determine the consistency of the surface underneath, but it cannot measure the porosity of the floor.

Building Your Knowledge Bank Leads to Success in Decorative Concrete

Educating yourself in the products available can lead to success on many levels.In today’s economy, it is even more important to make an investment in the bank. In this case I’m not referring to money in the bank, though that is important. I’m referring to knowledge in your brain bank.

Wet or Dry Polishing? What Is Right For Your Job

Polishing concrete with a yellow and black concrete grinding machine.Is it best to polish concrete wet or dry? This is a question that will have to be asked before each job. The condition of the concrete floor, the environment it occupies, the desired look of the finished product, and other expectations and preferences will all play a role in this decision.

CSDA Releases Industry Standard and Best Practice Documents for Polished Concrete

csda headerIn response to requests by architects and engineers to resolve consistency issues associated with quality levels achieved by polished concrete surfaces, the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association has released two technical documents — an industry standard and a Best Practice.

The Drive is On to Optimize Power Trowel Concrete Polishing

The Drive is On to Optimize Power Trowel PolishingBrad Obbink went all-in as a polished concrete contractor a few years ago, discarding the paint pot and brush and hitching his fortunes to the concrete grinder/polisher, for better or worse.

Listening to Your Customers Pays Off in the End

Listening to your audienceBeing successful in business, as in life, is knowing when to be right, and when to allow the other person their thoughts and views, especially when the “other” person is a potential or existing customer.

When Sealers on Polished Concrete Cause Problems

Shiny polished concrete floor that has been sealed.Is the solution to polished concrete maintenance educating the customer on proper procedures, or is it developing better sealers to provide the customer?

Polishing in a Second-Story Condominium

Upscale condo with polished concrete floors.For Dancer Concrete, a recent polished concrete project on the second floor of a former school building in Indianapolis posed a tough test of skill and, thanks to some challenging logistics, strength.

Stripping Concrete: Mechanical or Chemical?

Polished concrete floor with a high-gloss and reflective coating.When it comes to decorative concrete on floors, sometimes you have to take it off before you lay it down. Take a closer look at your two basic options when clearing the way for new work.

Polished Concrete Benches Create Unique Patterns

The benches all lined up create a unique design.Justin Hawkins and his Lincoln, R.I., outfit, Livingstone Studios, sent us these photos of arrangable cast concrete benches they created for the Rhode Island School of Design’s Chace Center.

Concrete Crafters Blend Applications at Popular Microbrewery

Concrete Crafters Blend Applications at Popular MicrobreweryThere’s a little bit of art and a little bit of science involved in the making of beer. And when the popular Sun King Brewing Co. in Indianapolis, Ind., needed an upgrade to its floors, the local flooring contractor contacted to handle the job applied the same mixed approach.

Time Constraints? Try Burnishing Instead of Polishing Concrete

Polished concrete is a mechanical process, while burnished concrete is actually a chemical processThe terms “polishing” and burnishing” are sometimes used interchangeably in the decorative concrete industry to describe two very different processes.

Light Sources Will Affect the Color of Your Dye on Concrete

lightbox that shows how different light sources affect the color of concreteWhen you are asked how well you understand dyes, are you confident? Maybe you shouldn’t be. Unless you or your customers have art or design backgrounds, or you have been burned on a project, you are probably naïve.