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Replace Old Vinyl Composite Tile with Polished and Dyed Concrete

A concrete floor that was polished after the vinyl composite tile was removed.The Harley dealership is a leader in sales and rider satisfaction for the entire Mid-Atlantic region, and its headquarters reflects its ethics. The 31,000-square-foot facility boasts a modern industrial theme, with cathedral 25-foot ceilings and marblesque floors.

When to Use or Not Use Dry-Shake Color Hardener

Throwing color hardener on concrete.Some say avoid this combination altogether. But others say it can be done well — as long as contractors are aware of potential pitfalls.

Mastering Polishing Specifications for Success and Profit

Mastering polishing specs graphic.The time will come when a general contractor, architect or another flooring contractor will ask you to bid on polishing floors in a new construction project.

Perfectly Unpretty: Concrete Work in Illinois Holocaust Museum Speaks to Design Aesthetic

The front entrance of the Illinois Holocaust Museum Concrete Re-Surfacing Technologies Inc. of Palos Park, Ill., was brought in to finish 8,000 square feet of plain concrete floor at the new Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, one of the nation's largest memorials to the loss of millions of innocent lives during some of Europe's darkest hours.

Concrete Polishing & Grinding Equipment Specification Report

Best concrete polishing machine to buy or purchase. How to pick the best machine.Know your business and you’ll know what kind of equipment fits your needs. Find the information you need to know in Concrete Decor's Polishing & Grinding Specification Report.

Recipe: Adventures in Aggregate and Polished Concrete

Mild-mannered, terrazzoesque floor by day, photoluminescent phenomenon by night.Mild-mannered, terrazzoesque floor by day, photoluminescent phenomenon by night. This glow-in-the-dark effect can brighten up any surface.

Why the Formula Approach for Polished Concrete Hurts Our Industry

A picture of a graphing calculatorThe weak economy does not have to make our industry buckle under price pressures. We've forgotten that polished concrete is already the best bargain in the flooring industry, and what's more, we've allowed the formulaic installation to become entrenched in specifications.

Does Polishing Concrete Floors Count as Recycling

A large warehouse with men working on the polishing of the floor instead of covering the concrete with another flooring option.Contractors who restore concrete floors give new meaning to the phrase "green thumb."

A concrete floor is a renewable resource.

The Three Stages of Grinding and Polishing Concrete Countertops

Grinding a concrete countertopAchieving a fine polished look in concrete countertops requires using progressively finer grits of diamond pads.

Polished Floors Add New Dimension to Science Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, which opened Dec. 1 of last year, is billed as providing visitors with a living science lesson full of hands-on learning experiences.The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, which opened Dec. 1 of last year, is billed as providing visitors with a living science lesson full of hands-on learning experiences.

This mission extends to the building structure itself, by way of the concrete.

Green building - Hype or Hope?

Green building through the use of concrete is playing a major role in the way many modern-day projects fit together.I'm not exactly the poster boy for the LEED program, as you can guess. However, with so much chatter about "sustainable sites" and "Energy Star scores" these days, I was kind of thinking it might be a good time to clear the air.

The Growth of Green Practices in Decorative Concrete

Dyed and stained concrete in various triangular shapes with different colors.There are new profit opportunities in polished concrete for the decorative concrete contractor. This is a fact, and every decorative concrete contractor should look into polished concrete. However, nothing ever caused more people to go broke than too much optimism and too little planning.

Dos and Don'ts of Polishing Self-Leveling Overlays

An overlay installation starts with the product in powder form being mixed with a specific amount of cold water. Right after it's poured or pumped onto the floor you use a gauge rake to set the thickness you want the self-leveling overlay to be.Self-leveling overlays that are polishable have been around for about years now, but only recently have they really gained traction in the retail and residential markets.

Concretivity, from Couture Concrete Systems
Recipe: Floral Floors with Polishing

For this collection of concrete recipes, we checked in with a few veteran polishers and asked them for creative techniques that add an aesthetic counterpoint to polished concrete floors. From a simple (and highly effective!) antiquing technique to a stained, stenciled and etched method for intricate pattern work, this batch of recipes is sure to have something to fire up your imagination.The technique has been created to add a delicate pattern to an already beautiful floor with the use of stencils.

Can Burnishing Sometimes Be the Better Finish?

The word about polished concrete is out and we have done a great job of promoting the industry. Polished concrete is growing.It is easy to understand the benefits of polished concrete. The word about polished concrete is out and we have done a great job of promoting the industry. Polished concrete is growing. The marketing has been great and many contractors are jumping on board. And the consumers are seeing a great product.

CSDA Releases Industry Standard and Best Practice Documents for Polished Concrete

csda headerIn response to requests by architects and engineers to resolve consistency issues associated with quality levels achieved by polished concrete surfaces, the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association has released two technical documents — an industry standard and a Best Practice.

Polishing in a Second-Story Condominium

Upscale condo with polished concrete floors.For Dancer Concrete, a recent polished concrete project on the second floor of a former school building in Indianapolis posed a tough test of skill and, thanks to some challenging logistics, strength.

Automobile Museum in Auburn Replaces Waxed Floor with Polished System

Polished concrete with different color dyes in a museum.Dancer’s company, Dancer Concrete Design, offered another solution to waxing the scuffed-up floor in the events center — polished concrete.

J.C. Penney Chooses Polished Concrete Over Other Flooring Options

A huge national remodeling project for the department store chain has kept concrete polishing contractors busy this year.A huge national remodeling project for the department store chain has kept concrete polishing contractors busy this year.

Mix Design and Performance for Polished Concrete

Mix Design – What do those two words conjure up in our imagination? Architects randomly pulling ingredients off a shelf? Engineers wanting to prove they have the perfect solution? Owners going overboard in their expectations? Ready mix operators using what they have in their silos?An in-depth study on mix design for polished concrete.

How to Deal with Delaminations in Polished Concrete

Deliminations in polished concreteThere’s a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding delaminations in concrete. To help clear up things, let’s review different types of delaminations and associated repair options so you can use this information to better plan, manage or correct delamination issues.

Art Museum Installs Polished Concrete Floors to Enhance Exhibits

A pit of black rocks sits underneath the stairwell.At the Tampa Museum of Art, all eyes are on the compelling paintings, photographs and sculptures. And the building itself evokes an essence that’s subtle and serene so as not to detract from the art on display.

Polished Concrete Highlights Rounded Antique Aggregate

The contractor originally hired for the job turned out to have very heavy equipment and county officials were unsure the century-plus-old building could withstand the weight. Viridian Architectural Design initially wanted to resurface the ground floor of the circa 1875-1895 Fulton County Courthouse in Rochester, Indiana, with terrazzo but the money for the pricey topping wasn’t in the budget. Still, the county wanted that stone look to complement the other floors in the building and polishing was deemed the next best thing.

The Church of Decorative Concrete

This stencil was laid down in the walkway leading up to this church.Many of history’s most beautiful works of art were created for places of worship. These days, decorative concrete is doing its part to beautify churches across the country.