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Vol. 9 No. 6 - September/October 2009

Decorative Concrete Philadelphia Style

Outdoor concrete kitchen with a football helmet stamped in concrete on the side. In the Main Line region of suburban Philadelphia, Jim Bernardine and his staff have been satisfying residents’ thirst for quality decorative concrete over the last decade and a half.

By Kelly O'Brien
September 15, 2009
Century Old, Elegantly Colored & Polished Concrete Surfaces

Once all of the coloring was done, Colour densified the floor and polished it with 800-grit resin diamondsPolishing worked wonders when artisans set out to restore an almost-century-old, flaw-riddled floor for a shopping arcade.

By David Thompson
September 15, 2009
Epoxy Systems For Concrete Floors

Epoxies can be formulated into 100 percent solids materials or water-based emulsions, which are usually composed of 40 percent to 60 percent solids, Koury says.Known for their one-plus-one application process, epoxies promise adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and versatility. Add color chips or metallic pigments, and they can be beautiful too.

By Amy Johnson
September 15, 2009
Artistic Decorative Concrete in Public Works Projects

Frog designed from concrete stains.When a city, school or government chooses to spend a little extra money on decorative concrete, it demonstrates civic pride — and makes that lobby, city pool or roadside a little easier on the eyes.

By Emily Dixon
September 29, 2009
Add LEED Points by using Recycled Glass Aggregate

This concrete countertop by New York-based Concrete Central is a retail display piece for Nassau Suffolk Lumber & Supply Corp. Photo courtesy of Concrete CentralFrom crushed liquor bottles to melted bits and jelly beans, aggregate made from recycled glass is making artisans see green.

By David Thompson
September 15, 2009
Getting Started in Concrete Stamping

Large stamped concrete circles with beige inner textured circlesThe most profitable decorative concrete jobs are usually the ones that are kept simple. Let's run through some entry-level stamping to get you started

By Doug Carlton
September 15, 2009
Thoughts on Polishing: The Lack of Maintenance Standards is a Debacle

Maintaining polished concrete can be confusing from the abundance of systems in the marketplaceThe polished concrete industry has been plagued with a slew of maintenance systems that confuse and aggravate end users of polished concrete. Many suppliers of tools, equipment, chemicals and cleaning products rush to offer systems of maintenance, none of them adequately tested or proven.

By John Abrahamson
September 19, 2009
Busting Some Common Decorative Concrete Myths

A wooden spoon holding a mound of baking soda. From a look at some of the most common myths, mistakes, and just plain wrong practices the decorative concrete industry has embraced as commonplace.

By Chris Sullivan
September 15, 2009
Underappreciated Structural Concrete Slabs Can Be Recycled

Recycling areas and spaces: Struggling industrial districts (such as those in Berkeley and Emeryville, Calif.) are reconceived as vital urban restaurant and retail centers.In concrete construction, as in society today in general, being green is hip. And part of being green includes recycling. Recycling materials: Collapsed L.A. freeways are demolished, stripped of reinforcing steel, and crushed, to rise again as an aggregate component in their replacements.

By Mike Miller
September 15, 2009
Stain and Sealer in One by HP Spartacote

Stained concrete floor in a reddish brown with lighter grout lines.Many companies might have been satisfied with creating a successful coating system that has steadily gained in popularity. Wilmer Rowe, chief chemist of HP Spartacote LLC, is cut from a different cloth. Taking inspiration from some of the staining exhibits at World of Concrete, he began working toward creating stains that would integrate with HP Spartacote's polyaspartics.

By Chris Mayo
September 15, 2009
Dust Containment Equipment for Decorative Concrete

TE DRS-B Dust Removal SystemDust control is a hot topic these days. We compiled a list of some of the dust control equipment on the market that can help on any decorative concrete job.

September 15, 2009
Working Roman Aqueduct Built in Homeowners Backyard

Relief design in the side of a roman aqueduct shows a horse and a roman soldier.This working Roman aqueduct, completed in the fall of 2005 for a home in Dove Canyon, Calif., wasn't built in a day.

September 15, 2009
Critiquing Polishable Self-leveling Cementitious Toppings

Concrete construction team inspects quality of a polishable cementitious self-leveling overlay.Four manufacturers of concrete resurfacing and repair products took on the challenge presented by the Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons International Association (OPCMIA) Local 528 last July in Seattle.

By Bent Mikkelsen
September 16, 2009
How to Make Epoxies for Floors Decorative

Liquid Dazzle coating by premixing the pigment with the company's epoxy resin for better consistency. The metallic additives uniquely flow when applied, producing a color-changing effect, according to the Westcoat Web site.Decorative epoxies for colorful garage floors burst onto the scene in the 1970s, when applicators began to saturate chemical-resistant epoxy coatings with colored vinyl chips. These floors went out of style for a while, but General Polymers director of floor coatings Lonnie Salyers says they are making a comeback, and not just in garages.

September 30, 2009
How to Seed Glass Aggregate: Tips from a Pro

Broken tumble glass has been seed into this floor.Harry Gressette of Grescon Construction LLC in Charleston, S.C., puts enough glass in his concrete each year to fill two tractor trailers. So he knows the ins and outs of exposed glass aggregate.

September 28, 2009
Glass Acts: More Decorative Materials Made With Recycled Glass

Block-outs in this market floor were seeded with transparent, round and polished jelly bean glass and exposedNot all of the recycled glass aggregate used these days goes into concrete. Here’s a look at some decorative building alternatives made possible by recycled glass.

September 12, 2009