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Tile Finish for Resurfaced Concrete Floors

For your next resurfacing project, try this crisp, clean tile design on a concrete surface by SuperStone.

SuperStone - Opa-Locka, Fla.

For your next resurfacing project, try this crisp, clean tile design.

SuperStone Super-Tex Wet-n-Ready (White)
SuperStone Color Hardener (Terra Cotta)
SuperStone Color Hardener (Cobalt Blue)
SuperStone Concrete Sealer (solvent-based, clear)

- Mix a 50-pound bag of Super-Tex Wet-n-Ready with water, following SuperStone's specification of 6 quarts of water per bag. After mixing with a jiffy mixer, let stand for about 15 minutes, then mix again. Apply this mix with a rubber-tipped squeegee. Wait for this application to dry.

- Apply 1/2-inch reinforced paper tape to the dried surface to mark out the grid for the design.

- Prepare another batch of Super-Tex Wet-n-Ready with enough water to achieve a creamy consistency, and spread this mix with a trowel to get the desired texture. Remove the tape to expose the gridlines. Let the mix dry completely.

- Mix small amounts of the Terra Cotta Color Hardener with water. (The amount of the color hardener you use will depend on the shade of the color you desire.) On the larger squares, a light mix of the Terra Cotta Color Hardener was used, hence the lighter shade. On the lines between the squares, a heavier dose of color hardener was used to get the darker shades. Apply the color hardener to the desired areas with a sponge.

- Mix small amounts of Cobalt Blue Color Hardener with water. (Again, the amount of color hardener will affect the shade.) Apply this Cobalt Blue mix to the small squares in the design.

- Wait for all these staining applications to dry completely.

- Seal the surface with two coats of Clear SuperStone Sealer, a solvent-based acrylic product.

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