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An Overview on Some of the Newest Concrete Grinders on the Market

Alpha Professional Tools -- EcogrinderAlpha Professional Tools -- Ecogrinder
Alpha Professional Tools has developed the Ecogrinder as the first product in their new series of tools for the concrete industry.

The Alpha Ecogrinder is a high-performance grinder with a built-in vacuum system. It allows virtually dust-free grinding without the need for an external vacuum system or expensive dust collector. The tool is designed for continuous production in fabrication shops as well as job sites. Its unique slide cover allows the grinding wheel to grind right up to a wall.

cordless grinder Eagle Solutions -- SP13Eagle Solutions -- SP13
The SP13 30-inch cordless grinder from Eagle Solutions is a heavy-duty industrial grinder for commercial applications.

The grinder utilizes three 13-inch counter-rotating heads and a total of 12 diamond discs. Propane fuels a 22-horsepower Robin engine that is certified to meet EPA and CARB requirements. The addition of an emission shut-down system and catalytic muffler make for a greener approach to concrete polishing.

The SP13 comes standard with centrifugal clutch, kill switch, two vacuum ports, a 12-gallon water tank, service alert meter, adjustable handle, and a safety-fill fuel cylinder with an overfill prevention device.

EDCO Inc. - CONTRx Systems Dual-Disc Concrete PolisherEDCO Inc. - CONTRx Systems Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher
Equipment Development Company Inc. has introduced the CONTRx Systems Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher.

Features of the Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher include a 5-horsepower, 230-volt Baldor TEFC motor, four 40-pound removable weights and a 23-inch working width. It also includes a hand-crank surface leveling fork assembly and counter-rotating flexible-head disc assemblies with a directional lock-in accessory system.

General Equipment Co. -- SG12/E General Equipment Co. -- SG12/E
Designed for smaller-scale surface preparation projects, General Equipment Co.'s SG12/E single-head surface grinder offers high performance, durability and ease of use, making it ideal for professional contractors.

Powered by a totally enclosed, fan-cooled 1.5-horsepower electric motor, the SG12/E features a single rotating disc with a 12-inch working width. Offering a top disc rotation speed of 250 rpm, the SG12/E can be used for applications that include grinding concrete surfaces, removing mastics, adhesives, epoxies and urethanes, breaking up deposits of grease and dirt, removing rubber carpet backing and industrial residues, and polishing delicate terrazzo and marble floor surfaces.

Built for portability, the SG12/E includes a folding handle that makes it easier to transport in today's smaller vehicles. Additionally, the compact frame design and wheel position allow for simple maneuvering up and down stairwells. The fully adjustable handle height better accommodates the user, providing a more comfortable operating experience.

GrindAll Surfaces Inc. -- BS-600GrindAll Surfaces Inc. -- BS-600
The BS-600 floor grinder from GrindAll Surfaces Inc. performs with superior productivity for concrete floor preparation and coating removal, and it is equipped with a 7.5-horsepower electric motor.

The machine features two counter-rotating heads, which allows for an aggressive cutting action. With a 23-inch working width the unit can prep concrete floors at a rate of 700 to 800 square feet per hour. The BS-600 is capable of running diamond-trapezoid segments as well as standard 4-inch diamond cup wheels. Other features include a 3-inch vacuum port, an adjustable handle and removable weights.

The unit is available in 208-volt/three-phase or 220-volt/one-phase power versions. - Replacement hubs and diamond - Replacement hubs and diamond tooling has developed advanced replacement hubs and diamond tooling for WerkMaster grinders.

The system utilizes a smart hub system that contains four rubber grommets that hold diamonds discs in place via friction against four stainless-steel pins attached to the underside of the discs.
This new system completely does away with the original, problematic Velcro two-pin configuration. The rubber grommets also provide needed flexibility during the grinding process to improve machine performance.

PremierGrind diamond discs are available in 20/30 and 30/40 grit, in both soft and medium-bond diamonds, and in both a 4.75-inch and 5.75-inch disc diameter.

The system is also available for OnFloor16 grinding machines. What's more, PremierGrind offers a hub conversion kit for those who may already own discs that still have plenty of diamond life.

SASE Co. Inc. -- Edge-Pro 180SASE Co. Inc. -- Edge-Pro 180
SASE Company Inc. has introduced a new high-production, user-friendly edge-polishing machine: the SASE Edge-Pro 180.

The SASE Edge-Pro 180 is a specialized, 110-volt, variable speed (up to 1,200 rpm) walk-behind machine for polishing the edges of concrete floors. This unit is engineered with directional controls allowing you to easily polish on the left or the right side. The SASE Edge-Pro 180 also comes standard with removable weights to control head pressure and allows the operator to get the polisher under obstacles as low as 6 inches off the ground.

These unique features of the SASE Edge-Pro 180 present the operator with the tools necessary to maximize production and match concrete polished edges to the overall polished floor.

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