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Magic Trowel Smooths Concrete Surfaces Without the Trowel Line

Magic trowel smoothing concrete without the look of the ugly trowel line.Originally developed for finishing drywall, this magical tool smooths concrete surfaces without leaving any trowel lines. “We’re getting so many calls from concrete people,” says Joe Torres, president of TexMaster Tools, which makes the Magic Trowel. “The guys in this industry are going crazy!”

The Magic Trowel’s patented blade has a flexible rubber edge. The edge is cut on a 30-degree angle, which takes the pressure off so the trowel doesn’t leave trowel lines.

Another plus is the fact that the blade pushes down imperfections in the concrete instead of dragging them through. “It’s not like a squeegee, which has a hard edge,” Torres says.

At a recent workshop at the Institute for American Craftsmanship, Colormaker Floors president Gary Jones demonstrated the finish he could quickly achieve with this trowel. Many “oohs” and “aahs” came from the crowd as he created perfectly smooth surfaces by drawing it across cementitious toppings applied both horizontally and vertically.

The Magic Trowel is just coming into concrete supply houses, but it is currently available at most Sherwin-Williams paint stores. For more information call (800) 852-8355.

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