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Decorative Concrete Tip: Make Your Concrete Work Stand Out

Using an artistic touch on concrete can really make your work stand out among your competitionTo make your concrete more distinctive, learn to think out of the box. The trick is to make your work unique. Put a signature on it.

This piece of concrete art was created with some experimentation of materials to get a one-of-a-kind look.Think like an artist. Anyone can go to the paint store and buy paints — it’s what you do with the paint that makes it different. You have to be willing to experiment. I probably pour 300 samples a year. I’ve used wallpaper, string, cardboard, metal cutouts, even my wife’s wall hangings. Look around — there are a lot of different things that can work as stamp patterns or that will add interest to your finished work.

I’ve even tried grape juice as a colorant. It looked great to begin with, but after a while it turned black. You can get beautiful effects by using a terra-cotta base with a translucent red or chocolate brown layer on top. It makes a rich, warm color that you can’t get with straight integral color.

Art and design are everywhere. Get out of the store and look around. You may find that you like the business more and your clients like your work more — which means higher prices for your work.

Musical notes are placed in this concrete for a unique look that the customer was looking for.