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Lending a Hand with Concrete

Children pressing hands a mold to later have concrete form made from the hand prints.

Hand print impressions in a concrete wall made from children attending a school in Florida.

Future view of a school in Florida where concrete hand prints were used in a concrete form mold.

Almost 2,000 kids earned an “A” in decorative concrete when they helped create a band of handprints that circles their new elementary school in Melbourne, Fla. Over a period of nine days, future students of the school were bussed to the site, where they cast their hands for posterity into the tilt wall panels, using almost five tons of plaster in the process.

The 96,000-square-foot school was built under the guidance of H.J. High Construction Company, located in Orlando, Fla. H.J. High was established in 1936 and specializes in general construction, construction management and design/build services.

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The choice of decorative concrete was made by the students themselves. "We don't have much greenery (on campus), so painting the concrete was the idea," said Allea Fraker, seventh grade teacher and student council advisor. "They (the student council) found that the staining would be longer-lasting."Coping with midday desert heat, Glendale, Ariz., company Excalibur Designs in Concrete recently donated its time and labor to complete a decorative Flattoo project for Dos Rios Elementary School.