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Adding Color and Texture to Concrete Skateparks

Airspeed Skateparks added concrete color and textured concrete to a skate park in Waldport, Oregon.Airspeed Skateparks’ work was featured on the cover of last year’s World of Concrete issue. Since that time they have started incorporating both color and texture into their work, and decorative concrete has become a valuable extension of their skate park design services.

Airspeed constructed this funneling full pipe — 17 feet in diameter at the front and 10 feet in diameter at the back — at a skate park in Reedsport, Ore. They made the unique custom form out of plywood. “It’s the first loopable pipe that you can go upside down,” says Mike Dahl of Airspeed.

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Decorative concrete used in Dallas skateparkThe concrete in a skate park must be completely smooth to accommodate a skateboard’s small, hard 40 to 55 mm urethane wheels, yet also be nonslippery.

Skateparks and Decorative Concrete

Skate boarders love concrete to skate on.Decorative concrete contractor Michael Dahl talks about how one company, Airspeed Skateparks, incorporated decorative concrete into the design of their skateparks. Creating a unique place for skateboarders and a unique piece of art was all part of the plan.developing the theme for this skatepark.