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How to Apply Texture Crete to Concrete Surfaces

Texture-Crete on a balcony can be used to overlay wood decks and has a fire rating.Texture-Crete, manufactured by Life Deck, is a polymer-modified cementitious coating that can be applied to existing concrete surfaces as well as plywood decks. The coating creates a decorative and safe textured finish with numerous color and texture options.

Texture-Crete has been on the market since 1987. The product’s bonding and weathering capabilities have been well tested at hundreds of apartment and commercial buildings, top-end hotels, and residential decks and patios. It was specified by 7-Eleven for store entryways because of its ability to withstand heavy abuse.

Life Deck uses highly concentrated acrylic polymers in Texture-Crete, which gives the coating strength and flexibility as well as excellent weathering characteristics. Designed for driveways, walks, patios, garage floors and pool decks, it is easy to apply, low cost and extremely durable. The anti-skid finish makes it an excellent option for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.Texture-Crete cementitious overlay for all surfaces shown here on a pools deck using two colors has lounge chairs and a palm tree.

Designs — including a stamped look — can be created by putting down special “Stone Strips” and then skip-troweling over the surface with texturing material.

Texture-Crete (when incorporated in the Life Deck AL system) can also be used as an overlay on plywood decks and has received a Class A fire rating. For interior surfaces, the easy-to-clean overlay is used with an epoxy or urethane topcoat.

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