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Want to Add Life to Cracked Concrete? Coat it With the Pebble-Flex System

Pebble-Flex System adds a decorative look and extends the life of the substrate.The Pebble-Flex System, made by United Surface Technologies, is a new system for resurfacing concrete that not only offers a decorative look, but adds life to the substrate.

Pebble-Flex is a porous thermoplastic rubber made into unique pebble-like shapes and designed to be applied over the top of old or new cracked concrete as well as wood, metal or fiberglass surfaces. It bonds to most surfaces and will resist surface movements. It is comfortable to walk on, UV stable and will not deteriorate or become inflexible even under harsh weather conditions.

Pebble-Flex System in blue and white adds a decorative look and a porous, thermoplastic rubber to the substrate.

The company has tested the product for over 5,000 hours in its Xeron Weather ohmmeter machine without any fading or discoloring (equivalent to 20 years of exposure to UV sunlight). Pebble-Flex comes in 10 standard colors, and the company will custom match any colors at an extra cost. Common uses include patios, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks and steps.

For more information, call (800) 509-4144 or visit the Pebble-Flex Web site.

Pebble-Flex System is used in McDonald's restaurant play areas.

Pebble-Flex System can be finished with a power trowel to smooth the surface.

Pebble-Flex System can be smoothed with a power trowel and is a good surface near a swimming pool.

Pebble-Flex System used on a pool deck does not face from UV exposure.

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