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Brilliant New Concrete Color from QC Construction Products

QC CEMTINT is a permanent, penetrating, water-based stain available in 30 standard colors to transform residential, commercial or municipal concrete paving into an enchanting, beautiful, and vibrant terrain.Here’s a design truth retailers understand: before customers make the decision to purchase, they make the decision to enter the store. This showroom floor has proven irresistible to shoppers, with show-stopping color from QC Construction Products.

New QC CemTint colors are penetrating water-based tinting compounds designed to provide lush, translucent marbled hues on gray and colored substrates. Similar in appearance to chemically stained concrete, QC Cemtint can be used on concrete, brick, plaster, porous limestone, Mexican tile and gypsum products. A hydrolyzed, lithium quartz compound, QC Cemtint works by penetrating and reacting with mineral compounds and/ or siliceous materials in the substrate so the vibrant QC colors cannot be easily worn off like other film-forming water-based coloring products.

QC Cemtint colors are easily applied in light uniform coats with airless or pump-up sprayer systems. Applying the right sealer over top of QC Cemtint stains brings the colors to life for stunning variegated effects.

When you want to convert retail foot traffic into buying customers for your client, lay down a floor with colors by QC Construction Products. For more information call 1-800- 453-8213 or to find a distributor near you log onto

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