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Ask Concrete Decor: Concrete Resurfacing and Overlays

Some Common Questions about Concrete Resurfacing

Question (Q): How long will the resurfacing last?
Answer (A)" Resurfacing jobs can last indefinitely if properly applied and maintained. According to most manufacturers, annual cleaning and resealing is recommended to keep the surface in good condition. Ask manufacturers for details on the correct cleaning agents to use.

Q: How can I create the designs?
A: Designs are based on the stencils or templates used. However, taping out patterns with grout tape can create beautiful custom designs.

Q: Can designs and colors be changed?
A: Yes. Colors and designs can be re-shot as often as you’d like. Just remember that the surface needs to be properly prepared before you start. Pigmented sealers can also change colors effectively.

Q: What if my stencil buckles, and won’t roll out?
A: If the stencil won’t flatten out, cut the stencil in two at the buckle and press the loose ends down. If this doesn’t work, cut out a small section and replace it with grout tape.

Q: How do I estimate how much product I’ll need for the job?
A: Coverage depends on several factors including the texture and contour of the surface, and how porous it is. As a rule of thumb, very smooth surfaces will get 100-135 sq. ft. per 50 lb. bag. Some manufacturers offer simple computer diskettes that can tabulate the complete resurfacing system product requirements based on the square footage entered.

Q: Is there a minimum temperature for application?
A: Yes. The air and host surface temperatures must be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit and rising to do the work.

Q: Whom can I contact for more information or classes?
A: To find out more about products or classes near you, many of the advertisers in this issue of Concrete Decor provide hands-on training. You can also visit Concrete Decor’s website at to view the calendar of upcoming training opportunities found throughout the country.

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