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ACI's Spring 2018 Convention Slated for March 25-29 in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the location for the 2018 ACI conference.

Registration is open for the American Concrete Institute’s Spring 2018 Convention and Exposition March 25-29 at the Grand America and Little America hotels in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This year’s theme is Concrete Elevated.

The ACI Convention is dedicated to bringing together leaders in the concrete industry to improve the design, construction, maintenance and repair of concrete projects. High on its agenda are educational opportunities that provide input on the concrete industry’s codes, specifications and guides.

Committees meet to develop the standards, reports and other documents necessary to keep up with the ever-changing world of concrete technology. These meetings are open to all registered convention attendees.

Technical and educational sessions provide attendees with the latest research, case studies, best practices, and the opportunity to earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

Additionally, the ACI convention offers numerous networking events, where you can expect to meet with many of the industry’s top engineers, architects, contractors, educators, manufacturers and material representatives from around the world.

Highlights of this year’s convention include:

  • Three-day exposition featuring organizations, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Fiber-reinforced concrete bowling ball competition for students.
  • International lunch with speaker Professor Koichi Maekawa who will give an overview of the Maglev super-express train and ocean-extended Tokyo International Airport.
  • Conference Center and Tabernacle Technical Tour.
  • Architectural Walking Tour in Salt Lake City.
  • Student lunch with speaker Nikki Stone, Olympic gold medalist.
  • Utah State Capitol Base Isolator Tour.
  • Contractors’ Day lunch with speaker Dr. Matt Townsend who will address “Feeding the Seven Basic Needs of Healthy and Productive Relationships: The Art of Doing More with Less.”
  • Bishops’ Storehouse Tour.
  • Reception Honoring Michael P. Collins, a structural engineer whose research concerns the basic shear-transfer mechanisms in reinforced concrete structures that have improved the safety of buildings, bridges, nuclear containment structures and offshore oil platforms.

For more information on the conference, visit:

To register, go to:

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