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One Day Stain Offers Quick Return-to-Service Time

New concrete pour meets old pour at a Phoenix area restaurant hostess station.If you’re looking for a versatile product with a quick return-to-service time, One Day Stain from iCoat has plenty of pluses to consider. From restaurants and office complexes to pool decks and patios, it’s a good choice for both commercial and residential applications

“One Day Stain is not dependent on the concrete being consistent in adjacent slabs as it masks irregularities, patchwork and even completely different colors of concrete,” says Tim Phelps, owner of iCoat Concrete Products headquartered in Phoenix. The proprietary product is also not reactive so it repeatedly produces consistent coloring regardless of the surface’s makeup.

The stain, which can be any color including white, can be applied as you would acid stain for similar effects or mixed as an opaque coating to hide surface variations. Generally, the product is sprayed onto the surface from a backpack sprayer and then back rolled and crosshatched.

“After it’s dry enough to walk on, additional colors can be applied for various effects,” says Phelps. For even more effects, you can also use spike shoes and apply wet over wet.

There’s no real learning curve involved with application, he says. “It’s very easy to get great results and is forgiving because it can be applied over itself again.”

Each coat dries in about an hour and is ready for the next step. On average, expect a 3,000-square-foot job to take about five hours from start to finish after prepping the floor. Stained floors are ready for traffic in a few hours, Phelps says.

The One Day Stain system comprises Urethane 528 (primer and color), Superstains (pigmentation mixed as needed by the applicator) and Urethane 2112 (top coat). If desired, Phelps adds, Renew (acrylic finish) can be added as a maintainable and sacrificial top coat. The nontoxic products are low in VOCs and meet all LEED Platinum standards. In fact, Phelps adds, they can be applied while a business remains open with no harm to the patrons.

The One Day Stain is available from distributors around the world. For more information, visit or call (877) 669-1110. To watch an application video, go to

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