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A Tip of the Hard Hat to Safety on the Construction Site

The debut of Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the 2017 World of Concrete in Las Vegas was met with resounding approval as job site safety took center stage in the annual event's Silver Lot. Hosted by Concrete Decor and the Concrete Decor RoadShow and their partners, the exhibit featured concrete professionals with hard hats, glasses and gloves installing a variety of finishes on a simulated concrete residence, alongside static displays prepared prior to the show.

Photos courtesy of Fox Blocks and Concrete Decor staff

applying plastermaxx at decorative concrete live

decorative concrete live sandbox crowd

Julio Hallack staining and sealing concrete

worker at decorative concrete live

a look through the fireplace by joshua annis at decorative concrete live

exposed aggregate inside decorative concrete live

decorative concrete live wide view angle

cindee lundin painting bas relief in yellow

lithomosaic at the entrance of decorative concrete live

joshua annis carving concrete fireplace with crowd at world of concretesurrounds

joshua annis carving concrete fireplace at decorative concrete live

overlay techniques for decorative concrete live

concrete veneers for exterior walls at decorative concrete live

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