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Concrete Streetscapes in Carmel Improve Safety

concrete roundabouts in Carmel Indiana Photos courtesy of Shepherd’s Construction Co. Inc.

stamped concrete walkway with car Photos courtesy of Shepherd’s Construction Co. Inc.

In 2011, the city of Carmel, Indiana, revamped its major roadway, the Keystone Parkway, as part of a multiphase project to lower the grade under six major intersections. This created new interchanges and no traffic lights for north-south traffic over a five-mile stretch, while six new roundabouts managed east-west traffic.

Six new interchanges were created using a double-teardrop shape. Mike Shepherd of Shepherd’s Construction Co. Inc. completed work on four of the traffic roundabouts and their associated walkways. Decorative concrete was included as part of the plan to make the new walkways, medians and parklike features visually striking and to improve safety.

Shepherd has been in business since 1972 offering general construction (though his company did its own concrete) and became a Bomanite licensee in 1984. Since then, he has done only decorative concrete work. This job was designed for three Bomanite patterns and three colors: ashlar slate for the main body of work, running bond Belgian block for the medians and hexagonal tile for the walkways. Tile was colored Tile Red with Brick Red release, the ashlar slate was Nickel Gray with a Buff release and the running bond was Autumn Brown with a Tile Red release. Shepherd’s work took approximately six full days on each section.

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