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Metallic Tips From Troy Lemon

When it comes to working with metallics, here are a few ways you can make the job a better experience:

  • Portion out the amounts of part A and part B ahead of time, especially when using polyaspartics.
  • Label containers of part A and part B and set them in rows so as to not confuse the two.
  • Establish a defined mixing area and have one person do all the mixing.
  • If the project calls for it, blend measured amounts of pigment and solvent ahead of time.
  • Blend metallic pigments thoroughly before mixing the second part of the resin or starting on the floor.
  • Use polyaspartics to capture the appearance of different movements in the color.
  • Use urethanes to layer colors or change sheens.
  • Use stencils to create graphic effects.
  • Use restaurant-style red ketchup bottles to disperse resin on a wet floor and create finer lines and veining.
  • Try using a non-metallic black in your design to give contrast to the metallics in place and to make them pop.

Overall, be creative, have fun and pray for excellence in all that you do!

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