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A Concrete Go-cart Track at Legoland

The go-cart track at the Legoland Discovery Center was another challenging, yet fun, job for Chris Post of Elite Concrete Solutions LLC. The roadway hash marks required him to make a 2-by-4 jig to lay them in an evenly spaced manner all the way around the track. “Everything is at a curve,” says Post, “so we had to make a stencil and move it every 18 inches.”

The floors were ground and shotblasted. Then, a prime coat the same color as the topcoat was applied. Once the base coat of the track was finished, Post applied vinyl stickers, which served as stencils to help create the design on the floor.

The owners wanted a different color on the stem walls alongside the track, so Post rolled on a darker brown. Everything was clear-coated for protection. General Polymers supplied all the epoxy used on the job.

Decorative concrete go-cart track at Legoland

Decorative concrete go-cart track at Legoland