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Recipe: Floral Floors with Polishing

This technique can add depth and a delicate pattern to an already beautiful floor.Floral Floors
Submitted by Rachel Bruce, FLOORmap Stencil Designs, Springdale, Ark.

This technique can add depth and a delicate pattern to an already beautiful floor.


  • FLOORmap vinyl stencil: FIG113
  • AmeriPolish Solvent-Based Dye: Midnight Black
  • Muriatic acid solution, mixed 4 parts water to 1 part acid


  • After placing your concrete, grind surface to the point where you're using 400-grit abrasives.
  • Once you've finished a pass with the 400-grit pads, clean the surface thoroughly to remove all dust and debris. Let the floor dry completely.
  • Apply the FLOORmap stencil design to the surface, following the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you have an even, secure transfer of the pattern.
  • Mask the area from the edge of the stencil outward with masking tape and plastic sheeting, protecting the surrounding concrete from unwanted etching.
  • Using a sprayer, carefully apply the muriatic acid solution to the exposed areas of the stencil pattern.
  • Keep the surface evenly wet (reapplying solution, if necessary) for about 10 minutes.
  • Once the desired amount of etching has taken place, thoroughly neutralize and power-wash the acid off the surface. Let dry completely.
  • Remove the stencil from the surface, and clean the surface of any residual adhesive, dust or debris.
  • Apply an even coat of AmeriPolish dye to the surface, and let dry completely.
  • Clean any dye residue from the surface before continuing with the polishing process, stepping up your abrasives until you reach the desired level of gloss.

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