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Water Repellent Concrete Sealer & Stain

Concrete wall using Acryl Pen from Nox-Crete.Enliven exterior concrete with brilliant color and lasting protection with Acryl Pen, a premier stain and sealer for broom-finished or textured concrete. Due to its unique silane formulation, Acryl Pen penetrates invisible micro-pores, macro-pores and surface cracks to chemically react with concrete. The chemical bond created by the reaction provides long-lasting color and protection that will not fade, chalk or flake.

The patented silane formulation also gives Acryl Pen outstanding water repellency, and treated surfaces are protected from abrasion, delamination, freeze/thaw damage and staining from food and oil.

For more information contact Nox-Crete Products Group (800) 669-2738 or visit the Nox-Crete Web site.