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The Torpedo Groover for Concrete Control Joints

Control joint tool for concrete, Torpedo Groover
This groover cuts an initial straight control joint 1½” deep in freshly placed concrete every time.

The Torpedo Groover from SLIP INDUSTRIES is a 56” long, machine tooled, high grade aluminum groover. This groover cuts an initial straight control joint 1½” deep in freshly placed concrete every time.
No matter how many poles you use with this walking groover you are assured of an initial straight groove every time. The main use of this tool is to separate the aggregate in the concrete on your initial cut to assure that whatever groover you follow it with will make a straight groove... No matter how Long you cut it.
This groover is also available in 36” and 24” lengths. For more information or a distributor in your area call Slip Industries at 800-722-8339.

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