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A New Technology Turns Iron Ore Waste Into Cement

Dry Slag Granulation (DSG)

The Business Insider has reported that an Australian company is harvesting blast furnace waste and converting it into a new product to make cement in China, where 60% of the world’s iron waste is found. The new technology is called Dry Slag Granulation (DSG) and it reduces water use and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

The DSG technology includes a spinning disc and granulation chamber which separates molten slag into droplets under centrifugal forces, uses air to quench and solidify the droplets and extracts a granulated slag product as well as heated air. The process produces a glassy product ideal for cement manufacture and represents energy savings equivalent to 14 percent of Australia’s energy use and about 10 percent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions each year.

China produces 60 percent of the world’s 300 million tons of iron blast furnace slag each year.