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Researchers File Patent for Fire-resistant Concrete

fire resistant concreteScientists at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) have added polypropylene (PP) fiber to a concrete mix. The technique allows water vapor to escape, preventing pressure from building inside the concrete, making it more fire-proof.

January 15, 2016
Materials Scientists Make Martian Concrete

Martian ConcreteA research team has created a form of concrete that, remarkably, can be made without water and using materials that are widely available on Mars.

January 7, 2016
Concrete Reconstruction in High-End European Museums

The Teatrino of Palazzo GrassiSome of Europe’s most demanding and beautiful concrete creations or reconstruction is done by Treviso, Italy’s Ideal Work, a company that was founded in 1996. Its product, Nuvolato, was recently used as a flooring in two Venetian museums: The Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi and Murano Glass Museum.

December 10, 2015
White Concrete Floor Highlighted at Flagship Salon

white concrete in flagship salon in Hong KongWhen the international salon brand Jean Louis David (JLD) designed its flagship Hong Kong store, it was imperative that the chosen floor meet the iconic hairdresser’s high standards for quality, appearance and cleanliness. Flowcrete's white concrete floor met these requirements beautifully.

December 1, 2015
University Facility Gets High Marks Thanks to Innovative Flooring Solution

Urbanest is student accommodation with a difference, where everything is top of the class; is distinctive, interactive and extremely functional. The renowned student hub was founded in 2008 and has expanded to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.Urbanest is student accommodation with a difference, where everything is top of the class; is distinctive, interactive and extremely functional. The renowned student hub was founded in 2008 and has expanded to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

November 9, 2015
Cast, Broken-Edge Table Adds Casual-Cool Vibe to Beach House

Broken-edge coffee table shows cool vibe.Scott Cohen’s company, The Green Scene Landscaping and Pools, is a premier outdoor living construction firm in the Los Angeles area, specializing in resort-style swimming pools and spas, fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens.

November 3, 2015
Art Project is Concrete Symbol of New Beginnings

bas-relief mermaidEllie Ellis of Elite Artistry LLC in Happy Valley, Oregon, and Eva Gallant of Y-Knot Creations LLC in Hurst, Texas, share a bond stronger than the one-ton concrete art piece they produced together in Indianapolis at the Concrete Decor Show.

October 20, 2015
New Technique Could Make Cement Manufacturing Carbon Neutral

carbon neutral cement productionThe manufacturing process which produces ordinary portland cement, the ubiquitous ingredient in the concrete used around the world, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. New research suggests that portland cement can be produced with no carbon dioxide emissions.

October 9, 2015
Flowcrete's Robust and Decorative Anti-static Epoxy Resin Floor Finish

Green anti-static epoxy floor in manufacturing plant.Flowcrete Asia recently collaborated with Toshiba Medical Systems to provide a specialist conductive floor finish for its new diagnostic imaging systems manufacturing base in Penang, Malaysia.

September 14, 2015
Researcher Uses Microwave to 'Bake' Concrete

Concrete thermography is a way to "bake" concrete with MicrowavesAn electrical engineer at Missouri University of Science and Technology is using microwave energy to test concrete and rehabilitated aluminum, and in the future her work could lead to safer bridges and aircraft parts.

September 14, 2015
Battelle Develops Self-Healing Smart Beads that Detect and Repair Corrosion

Battelle corrosion detecting microbeadsBattelle scientists have developed a tiny bead, the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector bead, that not only detects corrosion but delivers a payload to help heal the microscopic cracks that rust creates.

September 2, 2015
Miracote Ensures Successful Rehabilitation of Parking Garage

Repairing a parking garage from failing concreteMiracote got involved in a large rehabilitation project in the Broadway Lofts Parking Garage project in San Antonio, Texas, after 240,000+ square feet of concrete on all five levels of a newly constructed parking garage failed immediately after it was built in 2012.

August 24, 2015
Slab Formwork Helps Construct New Swiss University

Large scale concrete projectMeva is a family owned manufacturer of formwork located in Southwest Germany. A new central university campus with three faculties is being built in Delémont, Switzerland, using Meva formwork. The campus complex is 656 feet (200 meters) long and comprises four offset blocks with four levels each, plus an underground car park and a 9-story tower on the south side.

July 29, 2015
A Metallic Polyurea Floor for The Vanilla Ice Project Turns Out Beautifully

Polyurea coating in a garage for a television show by Vanilla IceWhen Vanilla Ice calls, flooring contractors answer. In 2009, Rob Van Winkle, the rapper best known for the hit “Ice Ice Baby,” started hosting a television show called “The Vanilla Ice Project,” featuring home improvements.

July 27, 2015
2015 Concrete Canoe Competition winners

University of Florida's winning concrete canoeUniversity of Florida earned “America’s Cup of Civil Engineering” in June 2015 at the 28th annual American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) National Concrete Canoe Competition (NCCC). After three days of competition against 21 other teams, the University of Florida team and its canoe, ForeverGlades, came out on top.

July 10, 2015
Geopolymer Concrete Shows Extreme Fire-Proof Qualities

Fire-proof concreteConcrete made using an industrial by-product has shown better fire endurance than traditional concrete when exposed to fires of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius.

July 9, 2015
Cement Makers Test Cleaner Concrete for Carbon Capture

Clean cementCement production contributes an estimated 6 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and some scientists are trying to chip away at that pollution problem. Two start-ups, one in Canada and another in Arizona, are among the newer entries in the effort to produce cleaner cement and concrete.

July 8, 2015
Concrete 'Spaces' by Material Immaterial Studio Celebrate Inspiration

Miniature concrete home provides inspirationMaterial Immaterial studio are a team of product designers who have recently worked with concrete. They created a group of objects they call 'Spaces.' The Spaces are a collection of nine unique concrete pieces measuring 2.44 inches by 2.44 inches by 2 inches that are designed to celebrate the "amalgamation of space and volume."

July 8, 2015
Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building

House made of hempcreteThe New York Times recently reported that hemp fibers are being worked into concrete to form a mixture called hempcrete. While no one would want to smoke this stuff, it does seem particularly useful as a building material.

July 7, 2015
Using Muons from Cosmic Rays to Find Degrading Concrete

A new report from explains how subatomic particles known as muons are being used to probe the structure of concrete.A new report from explains how subatomic particles known as muons are being used to probe the structure of concrete. This is a useful ability because building materials such as pipes and concrete that are part of our energy infrastructure corrode and wear thin or degrade over time. Scientists were seeking a better way to be warned of infrastructure deterioration before it becomes a problem and found that these particles work.

July 2, 2015