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Terrazzo application helps workers do a stand-up job

MAPEI has introduced the Terratop system, a flowable terrazzo binder that can be poured or pumped over a special primer that is applied to a substrate. Aggregate is broadcast in decorative patterns over the surface to fulfill the architect’s design. MAPEI’s technology lets installers work from a standing position instead of troweling terrazzo onto a floor while on their knees. Terratop dries quickly and its flowability allows a lot of square footage to be covered in a day. What’s more, Terratop is a water-based, LEEDS-compliant, low-VOC system. Pro Terrazzo Inc. will distribute and support the system in the northeastern United States. In addition, it will supply the necessary aggregates, sealers and accessories. The International Masonry Institute, the training arm of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union, will train and certify terrazzo installers in the new process. Terratop will only be installed by IMIcertified craftspeople. For more information from MAPEI, visit or call (800) 426-2734.