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Sleeve Concrete Anchors Get The Job Done

The sleeve-type anchor is specified for anchoring into concrete, hollow concrete block, grout-filled concrete block and brick base materials. The versatility of this anchor is unmatched by any other expansion anchor in today’s fastener marketplace. Manufactured in both zinc plated and stainless steel, the sleeve anchor can get the job done whether the application is located indoors or outdoors, or in dry, moist or wet environments.

Sleeve Anchor FYI


  1. split expansion sleeve
  2. threaded stud bolt or body
  3. nut
  4. washer


  • pre-assembled
  • made from either zinc plated carbon steel or 304 stainless steel
  • light to heavy duty fastener
  • provides full 360 degree contact and reduce base material stress
  • pre-spotting of holes is unnecessary
  • can be installed through the object being fastened as long as the hole is large enough for the anchor to be inserted through
  • each diameter comes in different lengths allowing for a wide variety of materials to be fastened to the base material

Head Styles

  • 1/4" diameter comes in an acorn, flat or round head
  • 3/8" in a hex nut or flat head.
  • 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" are only available in the hex nut head

Hole Size

When drilling a hole in the base material for a sleeve anchor, a carbide tipped bit must be used that will meet ANSI standards B212-15-1994. This will ensure proper hole sizes and holding values. The hole diameter that must be drilled for the sleeve anchor is the same diameter as the sleeve anchor being installed. It is important to choose the correct diameter and head style for the unique application of each job.

How to Install Sleeve Anchors In Four Steps

1. With a hammer drill, drill a hole in the base material using carbide tipped drill bits that meet ANSI standards. Make sure that the bit diameter is equal to the diameter of sleeve anchor being installed. The hole can be drilled to any depth as long as it exceeds the minimum embedment requirements for the anchor being used.

2. The hole must be cleaned of any debris left over from the drilling process. Use a wire brush, compressed air or a vacuum to remove this debris.

3. Insert the sleeve anchor through the fixture and into the hole in the base material until the washer is flush with the material being fastened. Light taps with a hammer may be needed to seat the anchor properly.

4. Using a wrench, expand the anchor by turning the nut or head 2-3 turns.

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