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New Water Blaster pressure washer by Water Cannon

Water Cannon has introduced a new pressure washer. Their 17H85 features a Honda GX 690 electric start motor and a 15 -gallon long-run fuel tank. The new machine is roll-cage protected and has a poly chain drive, and a TSP Series general triplex plunger pump.

The new blaster sprays 4 gallons per minute at 7,000 psi. It has a portable wheel and a push handle. Along with a 3+5+ lifetime manufacturer's warranty, the machine comes with a 50-foot hose, trigger gun, wand, QC nozzles and safety couplers that meet or exceed all 2014 EPA and State of California regulations relating to fuel tanks, vents, and carbon canisters. The machine can be sold in all 50 States in the US.

Water Cannon uses low-permeation fuel tanks and fuel lines. Their fuel caps do not vent externally to the atmosphere and do vent to the engine air cleaners as required by law. Additionally an appropriate sized carbon canister as required by the State of California is included.

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New Water Blaster pressure washer by Water Cannon