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New Prosoco Cleaner Meets EPA Safer Choice Direct-release Criteria

A new all-purpose cleaner and degreaser from Prosoco called Klean ‘N Release Cleaner is now certified with the U.S. EPA Safer Choice program and meets its direct-release criteria for products with outdoor uses. 

Enviro Klean Klean ‘N Release Cleaner is ideal for cleaning a variety of interior and exterior surfaces including windows, countertops, bathtubs, sinks, patios and sidewalks. It works on multiple substrates such as natural stone, limestone, marble, granite, masonry, tile, metal and more.

This fragrance-free cleaner is formulated to be safer for people and the environment by using readily biodegradable ingredients. Water-rinsable Klean ‘N Release Cleaner contains no phosphates, colorants, hazardous solvents or environmentally harmful surfactants. It’s also safer to use around plants, lawns, pets and wildlife.

Klean ‘N Release is strong enough for general cleaning in new construction and safe for historic restoration projects.

This easy-to-use cleaner is dilutable with up to 10 parts water to offer an economical and effective concentrate solution.

“Klean ‘N Release is an ideal fit for our customers in the construction and building maintenance sectors,” said Dwayne Fuhlhage, sustainability director for PROSOCO. “The Safer Choice label is recognized in the LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge, and federal procurement standards. This designation makes it easy for specifiers and purchasers to find effective products.”

Safer Choice is a voluntary program of the EPA that certifies product ingredients meet rigorous human health and environmental criteria. Safer Choice-certified products contain safer ingredients without sacrificing quality of performance.