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Integral coloring systems for ready mix

QC Construction Products has launched a new “total systems” approach to integral coloring for the ready mix market. QC ColorTech-E delivers superior concrete finishing performance from a blend of dispersements, conditioners and water-reducing agents that offset water demand caused by pigments. It contains engineered colored admixtures that do not require mix adjustments at the ready mixed plant. Ideal for ready-mixed concrete and all horizontal and vertical applications, QC ColorTech-E can be utilized for concrete flatwork applications that feature salt, broom or rotary finishes as well as a wide range of other architectural concrete installations. High-strength pigments yield an expansive palette of colors. Designed to replace QC Integral Color, it is packaged for one cubic yard of readymixed concrete in disintegrating bags for exact dosing.

As an alternative, QC ColorTech provides an economical option for coloring ready-mixed and precast concrete. Designed for high volume in ready mix, it delivers high-performance color without the hidden costs or variability found in liquid coloring systems. The end result is a lower cost per pound of color and increased profits for ready mix customers. QC ColorTech, available in one-, five- and 25-pound disintegrating bags, replaces Bayferrox by QC. For more information, visit