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High Performance Systems Expands Decorative Flooring to Include Metallic Epoxy Floors

For over 30 years, High Performance Systems has specialized in installing resinous floors. Recently HPS Corp. has expanded their robust catalog of products offered to include metallic epoxy floors.

Metallic epoxy floors are an extremely popular choice within commercial and institutional facilities such as retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and educational institutes. The idea with a metallic epoxy floor is that with a little effort and craftsmanship it resembles marble and, with a little more effort, hammered metal or granite.

These floors offer durability, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance but by far the biggest advantage is their aesthetic appeal. These floors utilize a 100% solids epoxy base and gain their unique aesthetic from the added metallic powder. The metallic powder creates depth and almost a three-dimensional feel and can contain a variety of colors and visual effects. Its visual effect is created by mixing two or more colors and adds to the illusion of craters, ripples and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma.

Generally, a black base coat is used because it creates a “mirroring effect” that enhances the depth of the three-dimensional appearance. These floors are typically top coated with a clear, scratch-resistant urethane or polyaspartic coating and will last a long time in any space with minimal maintenance.