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Bannister Family House Receives Pro Bono Concrete Makeover Compliments of Concrete Decor Show

As part of the 2016 Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, California, the outdoor area of the Bannister Family House, a home away from home that cares for relatives of patients undergoing long-term care at UC San Diego Health, will get an all-expense paid makeover, compliments of the show’s promoters. Attendees can enroll in on-site workshops where they will learn hands-on skills in a real-world work environment on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 25 and 26, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Concrete Decor magazine has gathered some of the industry’s best to present these workshops that will transform the house’s ordinary courtyard, retaining walls and walkways into concrete artistry that will help brighten the stay for patients’ families. San Diego-based architect Amanda Conahan and T.B. Penick & Sons contributed the conceptual designs for the project.

The two-day workshops will focus on installing an overlay and stamping it, creating a concrete countertop complete with a built-in grill and seating wall, hand-staining an area in a redesigned courtyard, creating a bas-relief mural for all to enjoy and sculpting stone facades for a large-scale retaining wall. A LithoMosaic, a piece of art made with a patented process that combines the durability of concrete with a contemporary mosaic, is also planned as part of the makeover by local San Diego Mosaic Artist Kim Emerson.

Participants will be leaving the fruits of their labor behind to benefit the Bannister Family House at UC San Diego Health by using donated materials from Westcoat, Proline Concrete Tools, Butterfield Colors and Surecrete, to name a few.

The RoadShow, a specially equipped truck and trailer ensemble that is Concrete Decor magazine’s traveling companion, will be on site to provide equipment and material support for all the workshops making improvements to the Bannister Family House. After the work is completed, the duo will be on display at the Concrete Decor Show Sept. 27-29 at the nearby Town and Country Resort & Convention Center.

The cost to participate in a Sept. 25-26 workshop is $450 through Aug. 17, $550 from Aug. 18 through Sept. 24, and $650 onsite.

For more information about the Concrete Decor Show or its workshops, go to or call (877) 935-8906.