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Ameripolish penetrating water-based stain resistor replaces traditional cure and seal products

Ameripolish PCA by Ameripolish is a highly penetrating, non-film forming curing agent that drastically reduces map cracking (crazing), greatly improves abrasion resistance and minimizes efflorescence and dust for healthier indoor air quality. PCA replaces traditional cure and seal products.

Since Ameripolish PCA penetrates and doesn’t form a coating there is no need to use harsh chemicals or aggressive metal bond abrasives to remove it. It also helps with the uniformity and aesthetics of the concrete floor with grinding and/or polishing applications since there is no map cracking.

“PCA has the potential to change the way everyone cures their concrete floors even if the spec doesn’t call for grinding and/or polishing. If contractors want to avoid crazing, commonly seen in concrete floors today, then PCA is the way to go,” says Clif Rawlings, vice president of key accounts and U.S. distribution at Ameripolish Inc.

Ameripolish Inc. is a leader in concrete chemical technology. Ameripolish is celebrating its 10th anniversary since introducing solvent-based, penetrating concrete dyes to the polished concrete industry during World of Concrete 2005. Since then Ameripolish has released many technologically advanced chemicals into the industry such as SR2 Stain Resistor, a sub-surface, fully penetrating stain repellent and 3D HS Densifier, a hybrid silicate densifier with three different sized molecules that fully penetrate varying densities of concrete regardless of region or hardness.

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