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We do not give any advice or help with any concrete projects or products. If you need help finding a product or contractor please use the Concrete Decor Marketplace.
General Contact Information
Mailing Address: 27495 2nd Place, Junction City OR 97448
Street Address: 27495 2nd Place, Junction City OR 97448
Phone: 541.341.3390
Toll Free: 877.935.8906
Fax: 541.228.9972
Publisher /Advertising & Account Manager
Bent O. Mikkelsen
Phone: 541.341.3390 ext. 201

Business Administration / Manager
Sheri Mikkelsen
Phone: 541.341.3390 ext. 205

Circulation / Subscriptions
Meg Webb
Phone: 541.341.3390 ext. 200

Design Director
Bill Simpson
Phone: 541.341.3390 ext. 203
Stacey Klemenc
Phone: 757.427.6355
Joshua Johnson
Phone: 541.341.3390 ext. 206
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