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Architectural Concrete at San Diego International Airport

Architectural and decorative concrete in San Diego airportExpanding Terminal 2 at the San Diego International Airport was the largest improvement project in the airport’s 81-year history. The expansion — dubbed “The Green Build” because of the airport authority’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly materials and methods — cost $907 million and at peak construction created 1,000 jobs.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
May 8, 2014
In a Hurry? Preparation and Timing are Everything with Fast-Drying, Self-Leveling Concrete Toppings

Fast-drying, self-leveling concrete toppings need a solid, rigid substrate. Concrete substrates are recommended as seen here in a retro ice cream shop with bar stools.When time is of the essence, fast-drying, self-leveling toppings can be the ideal solution.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Apr 15, 2002
Four-Dimensional Stain Cube Stamp Pattern for Concrete

Four dimensional cube stamp for concrete.It sounds just a little bit like a pulp science fiction story: While packing up their warehouse to move, workers at a concrete stamp company discover a long-forgotten design for a concrete stamp that is three-dimensional.

Dec 19, 2006
Additional "Tools" for the Concrete Faux Rock Trade

Best tools for concrete faux rocksIn general, if you work with concrete now, you likely have the tools you’ll need to create synthetic rocks, but here are a few items that might make the job a little easier.

Aug 18, 2002
How to Correctly Apply Concrete Sealer

How to Correctly Apply Concrete Sealer with directionsApplying concrete sealer is not rocket science, but it is a complicated process, says Jim Glessner of GST International LLC in Sparks, Nev.

Sue Poremba
May 15, 2007
Fu-Tung Cheng Concrete Exchange Design Awards

Circle of distinction - Cheng Awards - Best of Show Karen Smith Countercast Designs Surrey, British ColumbiaAt a wine and cheese gala held during the WOC tradeshow, Concrete Exchange presented awards to the winners of its first concrete countertop design competition.

Rosemary Camozzi
Mar 10, 2005
Fixes for Common Concrete Surface Color Problems

Looking up into a rainbow colored umbrellaUnfortunately, complaints about how color turns out are an all-too-familiar topic of conversation. Complaints can involve but are not limited to integrally colored concrete, color-hardened concrete, stamped and textured concrete and stained concrete.

Chris Sullivan
Aug 3, 2011
Portugal Housing Development Embraces Architectural Concrete Finishes

Modern and stylish home created with microtoppings in Portugal.Luca Seminati, managing director of Ideal Work srl, helped install the Italian company’s house-made microtopping on these stylish homes in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aug 1, 2012
Concrete Countertop Design Incorporates Water Flowing Down Stairs

Round end to a sleek concrete countertop that has book stacked on it.The Saale Residence is a new construction home located in a country setting of Winfield, Missouri. All the rooms of the home reflect a consideration for the environment and use of green principles in the design and selection of products.

Oct 20, 2010
Understanding Polished Concrete

A look at a polished concrete floor in a modern office with industrial stairs in the background.Our economy has taken a dive into the deep end, affecting some regions more than others, but generally affecting us all. So now is a good time to reflect on what exactly polished concrete is, and where polished concrete came from.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Aug 11, 2008
Product Warranties Can Be a Boost for Business

This key is pointing to an imperfection in the concrete that voids its warranty per the manufacturer.Peace of mind seems to be a rare commodity these days. So, if you could become involved in a program that helps offer that to you and your clients— and possibly helps grow your business, as well— wouldn’t you leap at the opportunity?

K. Schipper
Aug 17, 2018
Tips for Buying and Maintaining Concrete Stamping Tools

Close-up of a red stamp matContractors and manufacturers share tips for buying and maintaining these essential tools.

John Strieder
Mar 4, 2003
AmeriPolish Wins Demo Pavilion Contest at 2012 Concrete Decor Show

AmeriPolish went all out with their entry, which features a dragon from Floormap Stencil DesignsAt the 2012 Concrete Decor Show, three companies went head-to-head to compete for the bragging rights of being the winner in this year's Demonstration Pavillion. The contest was designed to show off the polishing products of the three competitors: WerkMaster, AmeriPolish and Xtreme Polishing.

Apr 19, 2012
It's Time to CARE About Sales Silence

The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying. Small child drawing a chart with chalk on a blackboard.Shhhh… Close your eyes and don’t make a sound. The sound of silence is the sound of sales increasing substantially for you and your company. The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying, before worrying about your next statement. It also represents the lack of time salespeople spend honing their sales skills

Ken Lundin
Creative Use of Decorative Forms and Liners Make Concrete Look Like What It's Not

large scale colored concrete retaining wallStructurally unbeatable, decorative forms and form-liners are creating a timely and profitable advantage on more and more jobsites, big and small.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Oct 1, 2001