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Vertical Polished Concrete Condo Touted to be World's Largest

Florida's Miami Beach is a part of the country known for its high real estate prices, but the penthouse condominium sales price of $60 million for the Faena House Saxony Condo set a new high. Florida’s Miami Beach is a part of the country known for its high real estate prices, but the penthouse condominium sales price of $60 million for the Faena House Saxony Condo set a new high.

Vanessa Salvia
Sep 5, 2016
Show Trainers and Attendees Transform Phoenix Children's Museum

Shellie Rigsby of Acanthus Concrete Stain Designs designed and created the Sky Landing balcony stain project, working closely with Kemiko and the exhibits director of the museumWhen the 2010 Concrete Decor Show was over, it left something behind — beautiful and entertaining artwork at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. The koi pond mural and Sky Landing balcony are just a few of the exciting new features on which children are playing, thanks to artisans and exhibitors who donated time, materials and creativity.

Sherry Boyd
Apr 10, 2010
ASCC's Decorative Concrete Council Names 2018 Award Winners

Based on plant morphology, the mosaic patterns were designed by ABG's Landscape Design and Planning Manager. T.B. Penick helped translate the conceptual sketches into full construction documents, including stone color, size, arrangement and installation methodology.The Decorative Concrete Council, a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, announced the winners of its 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition. The winners were recognized at a ceremony Jan. 24 at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

Mar 26, 2018
Concrete Project Puts Columbus on the Map in Memphis

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue under the flag of Spain, a country ruled in the 15th century by the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella.Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue under the flag of Spain, a country ruled in the 15th century by the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella. But do you know what nation Columbus called home?

Not that tough on the scale of trivia challenges, right? Columbus hailed from Genoa, now part of Italy.

Joe Maty
Oct 21, 2018
Concrete in Cold Weather

Patio in cold weather that had to be planned perfectly due to weather.Concrete Decor asked artisans around the country about their experiences installing projects during cold weather. They faced freezing temperatures, snowy weather, and even challenges indoors during cold spells. Each artisan found his own solution for handling work during the winter months.

Emily Dixon
Dec 18, 2008
Protect Your Lungs From Job Site Hazards Before Damage Sets In

mask protectionHow often in the course of your day do you think about breathing? Unless you’re one of those unfortunate people who suffers from a respiratory illness, it’s unlikely you give it any thought at all. The fact that breathing is a somewhat involuntary action is probably why we so easily take it for granted.

Deven Johnson
Apr 8, 2017
One Contractor's Quest to Rid the World of Ugly Concrete

Colin's interest in decorative started with exposed pea gravel, curved joints and other classic decorative elements, then grew to include new-school tricks like stamping and staining.Even on the thumb tip of northwest Washington state, decorative concrete is making its mark, thanks to this father-son outfit.

David Thompson
Aug 8, 2009
A Leader in Decorative Concrete: Bomanite Corporation

Early in the imprinting concrete era, Brad Bowman walks on an early concrete stamp made of metal.Bomanite Corporation has been a leader in the decorative concrete industry for more than half a century. What began as a small company with a single vision has now grown into a worldwide organization that offers its franchise partners five separate licensing programs: Imprint, Toppings, Polishing, Precast and Grasscrete.

Aug 27, 2005
Water-blasting: A Clean Way to Prep Concrete

Water flowing over cliff.Cleanliness is a definite selling point with water-blasting. Unlike shot blasting or grinding, it can be done in occupied spaces because a high- volume vacuum almost instantly removes the water and debris.

K. Schipper
Feb 8, 2017
When to Test Your Polished Concrete Job

Person sitting at a computer with a yellow pen and paper taking notes.Know what you are defining with your tests and work descriptions. Your intent is that the architect/owner/GC will be taking you at your word as a professional, an expert.

May 1, 2008
Graphic Designer Moves Into Concrete By Creating Stencils

3D stenciled concrete design puzzle pieces in primary colors.Rachel Knigge moved quickly from the art and graphic design world into the concrete realm, and her influence continues to grow as she expands her company.

Vanessa Salvia
Feb 18, 2016
Virtual Ice Rink Created With Concrete Overlay

The floor of the Canada Sports Hall of Fame was transformed using epoxies into a virtual ice rink.Happenstance led Tyson Long, president of Calgary-based Hardscapes Inc., to the new location of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame museum in Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park, where he used white and clear epoxy coatings to transform the floor of the museum’s ice-hockey exhibit room into a virtual ice rink.

Natasha Chilingerian
Dec 31, 2011
A Concrete Tree Celebrates the Branches of a Family-Owned Business

Steven Ochs Smith Paints concrete treeBeing next door to the Artistry in Concrete competition at the World of Concrete 2015, Steven Ochs knew he had to bring his A game to the Smith Paint Products booth. Ochs, a decorative concrete artisan and chairman of the department of art and design for Southern Arkansas University, presented several designs to the Brunners, owners of the family-run business.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Sep 8, 2015
Delineation of Concrete - Saw cutting concrete

How to saw cut driveway using delineation.Delineation is used on these jobs to separate the various irregular shapes and arches so that colors and stains don’t run together. The sawcuts themselves are either grouted or just left exposed, with the unstained concrete showing.

Jack Klein
Feb 1, 2001
Up Close with Versatile Building Products

Near a clothing store dressing room is a sun stained on a concrete overlay surrounded by blue, green, and tan stained floor.Versatility is the name of the game with Versatile Building Products' floor and decking products.

John Strieder
Feb 18, 2004